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Welcome to Snakeworlds!

Control Snake around globes in this brand new, non-violent 3D Snake game remake! Already more then 12464 people tried this game! Have a look at media, such screenshots and a gameplay movie, or read some reviews of the game. To conclude, view the current highscore.

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Download (40 MB) the game with demo access for free! If you choose to buy an account later, you can unlock the full game and its highscore features, with no additional downloads. This game works on your netbook too! For help during installing or playing the game, please click here.

Snakeworlds has already been checked for being virus- and malware free on several download sites. As an example see this detailed report:

Why play this Snake game?

  • A complete 3D experience - Say NO to flat game worlds! Using polar based movement, Snake moves very much like we do on Earth.
  • Three unique worlds* - Play on more then 24 globes, each with its own unique layout and styled in one of the game's three themes.
  • Power-ups & upgrades - During the game, Snake can be upgraded in several ways. Try all options for maximum re-play value.
  • Netbook support - Snakeworlds has been optimised for netbooks/mini-laptops, which makes this a very portable Snake game!
*Only in the full game

Full game for 3.95 / $5

Can't get enough of the demo? Buy the game safe and easily and become the highscore champion! Snakeworlds is available at our publisher Little Indie, your source for truely independent video games!

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